~~~~~ RDOS Election - 2014 ~~~~~

This page contains links to on-line information about the candidates, how to contact them, and how to vote for them.
Please pass this link along to as many people as possible.

Candidate Information

There are three candidates for director this election: Charles Weber, Jamie Frandsen, and Bob Coyne.
The information on this page is provided as a best effort to pass on all known links found on the net as well as everything provided by the candidates themselves.

Contact and web site information:

Bob Coyne: E-mail contact@bobcoyne.ca
   Web site www.BobCoyne.ca
Jamie Frandsen: E-mail only, jamesfrandsen22@gmail.com
Charles Weber: E-mail only, charlesweber@nethop.net

There are three articles on the Coalmont Courier with fresh information:
Report from the Oct. 29 All-Candidates Forum in Princeton.
Report from the Oct. 28 Meet The Candidates Forum in Coalmont.
Five Questions for the Candidates - with answers.

Here are some other on-line mentions about the candidates. If anybody has any to add, please send notice to voting@netopit.com
BC Local News (Weber)
China Ridge Trails (Coyne)
Amalgamate Area ‘H’ with Princeton? (Weber)

There may also be information in the Princeton newspapers. Their links are listed below, but they have a paywall so their content is outside of the scope of this survey.
The Similkameen Spotlight
The Similkameen News Leader

For reference, here is a link to the encumbent director's web site: BradHope.net
A map of Area 'H': Our Valleys

Voting Information

Area 'H' covers almost half of the regional district and comprises the most diverse communities. It is important that we exercise our democratic rights and get competent representation. With 46% being part time residents, we have particular need for a variety of ways to cast our votes.

Non-Resident Property Electors
Non residents can also vote if they own property in Area 'H'.
   Click here to see the RDOS page with detailed information for non-resident property electors.
You will need to fill in Form 2-7 "Application for Registration as Non-Resident Property Elector" which you can download from that page. If there are several owners of the same property, you will also need Form 2-8.

Mail-In Ballot Voting
You will need to fill in the "Application to Vote by Mail" form.
   Click here to see the RDOS mail-in ballot page and download the forms.
If there is no challenge to registering you as an eligible elector, your name will be placed on a list to receive a mail-in ballot package. The mail-in ballot package contains instructions, a ballot and the necessary return envelopes that will protect the secrecy of your vote.

Voting Locations - Area 'H'

Advance Voting (Wednesday, November 5)
Riverside Centre 148 Old Hedley Road Princeton

General Voting (Saturday, November 15)
Riverside Centre - 148 Old Hedley Rd., Princeton
Tulameen Community Hall - 2595 Otter Ave., Tulameen